We play on the monopolyboard at: http://www.iiwi.dds.nl/---/speelbord.htm. Streets are replaced by releasezones.

The game:
You play in teams with 2 or 3 members.
The monopolygame consists of 20 turns, with the duration of a week per turn, wednesday to wednesday. Once a week on wednesday the gamehost (AKA iiwi) will throw a virtual dice and replaces the pawn accordingly.

On the bc-monopolyboard the streets are replaced by releasezones. If you hit a releasezone, you have to release a book on this zone. So, if your pawn is on 'table' you ahve te release a book on a table, if it is 'tree'in a tree. You can release as many books as you want, but for the game only one book counts. You assigment for the turn will be mentioned on the tems own page, and once a week in a special thread in the Dutch-forum. You have a week to do your assignment and mention the book you released, where it has been released and the link to the book to the gamehost, via the link 'mail de spelleider' / 'mail gamehost' on the monopolyboard. Please do not pm, as that could go wrong. If you do you assigment correctly within the turns week, you get the street. If you release a book on all streets of a particular color, you have a quarter. You can see this on your teams page as well.

If you hit kans (chance) you get a kanskaart(chancecard). This contains an assignment to do for that turn.

Hitting boekenplank (bookshelf), you get a boekenplankkaart (bookshelfcard). The card changes you stack of books, you either have to pick up extra books, or get an chance to release more.

Special releasezones:
-IKEA: That is IKEA.
-the conventie: You may release two books this turn.
-busting of the sculptures: You have to release a book near a sculpture.
-Themerelease: You have to do a themerelease.
-START: If you come over START you can release an extra book.
-Go to the OBCZ: Your pawn goes to the OBCZ on the board. You pass start, but can't release an extra book. You get an extra book in your stack. The next turn you can play again.
-Visiting the OBCZ: You have to release a book in an OBCZ.
-Plains trains & bicycles: You have to release a book at public transport. This can be a train, station, bycicle, tram etc. -Double Dutch: Your team has to do a typical dutch release. What that is, is up tot he team. But you have to inform the gamehost why this is a typical dutch release.
-I brake for wild books: You get a free release.

If you hit a street you have allready released a book on during the game, you get an extra free release.

The gamehost will distribute bonusballys for extra creative releases.

points and game:
Your team starts with 24 books and 48 ballys. How you divide the books between teammembers is up to the team. It is not necessary to let the gamehost know the books at the beginning of the game.
So, in total you have 72 (24+48) points. Every time you release a book in the game the stack of books reduces (duh). You can also loses ballys. You lose a bally if:
- Your release is caught with a journal entry during the game.
- If your release delivers a new member to bookcrossing.
- If your release is released again, with releasenote!
- If you release ends up in another country than the original release. It has to stay there, so not on holiday read in Spain and brought back. the suggestion in a journal that this happened is enough.
- If your team succesfully hunts a book of another team.
- If a book of your team is successfully hunted by another team. (the release of this book by the other team, does not count)
- If you have a quarter.
- If you get a bonusbally for a special release.

The team with fewest points in the end wins.

team page:
On the teampage you can view which book have be relased by your team, how many streets of a particular color your team has, how many ballys and books your team has, what books of your team have been caught, what books your team have caught. Also, you can view here where your teams pawn is at the moment, and what your assignment for this turn is.